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Students are having a difficult time trying to find reputable essay companies on the Internet these days. Rogue times have invaded the online space and are conducting their activities in a very unethical manner. This is because they use unskilled writers who develop low quality products that have so many grammar or spelling errors and mostly have plagiarized content. These rogue companies mostly target students who are inexperienced in searching the Internet and identifying authentic essay companies. Most students hire their services because of the promises they make without knowing what their intentions are. When they receive the poorly written products, it shocks them and they give up on the writing industry.

The main reason why we came up with was to try and change this situation. Our focus is to change the attitude that students have towards essay companies because the malpractices that sham companies conduct. The strategy that we are applying to do this is getting students educated on different approaches of finding the most authentic companies. We depend of their feedback to be able to do this and so we have made it our responsibility to request for reviews from them regularly. Once they give us feedback, we evaluate it and use it to determine each company’s performance through a rating process. With the performance scores, we are able to rank the companies numerically and have the best companies appearing at the top. Performance of an essay company is a product of how well it addresses needs relating to quality, pricing, usability of products and customer support.

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After rating and ranking essay companies, we develop reports that are shared on from time to time. These reports also tell our visitors the offerings that are available in the writing companies with respect to benefits like discounts. We are always in need of customer reviews and so we send out prompts to students so that they can give us honest facts about the quality of services that they receive. Specifically, we ask students for details pertaining to guarantees that companies have for customers, availability of work samples and results of scans conducted to detect plagiarism. Also, students should tell us how consistent the companies are in pricing their services and what rights the company offers customers like the right to get work updates or ask for work reviews. Lastly, we seek information about the qualifications that the writers who work in the essay companies have.

We use the ranking of essay writing companies approach mostly because we want to make it less cumbersome for students to locate authentic companies and not because we want to humiliate those companies that have low scores. As a matter of fact, not all the companies that appear on our list have completed the review process, some of them are still being reviewed which means that their scores could change once the reviews are completed. Below we have some videos that show how different authentic companies operate. We have also put links to their websites for easy access.